I actually had to hold back tears man, woah idk why it hit me the way it dis

The suggestion that telling a girl they’re pretty discourages them from going into the sciences is pretty insulting, as is the suggestion that telling a kid not to get their clothes dirty is going to put them off exploring. Kids both male and female ignore their parents routinely when told to stop playing in the dirt, and there’s no reason why complimenting a girl on her appearance is going to somehow convince her she’s stupid.

Children at young age don’t just decide upon what they want to study later on or what career they want to pursue. Hell, most kids wanted to be become train drivers or caterpillars at that age. Myself, I pursued a degree in physics and it was only when I was 18 that I’d decided to study it at uni. One friend who wanted to become a vet, he decided to take on maths instead. Another friend who was going to study biology, she decided to take on politics instead. One woman who undertook a degree in marine biology, she decided to become a solicitor afterwards. People don’t just decide to change their minds because of what someone said to them when they were 8. 

Um … I’m not a parent, but I can give a Parental Reason for every one of these “discouraging” comments.

1. I’ve seen plenty of people tell their babies (either gender) they’re pretty. Or they tell their boys they’re handsome. Does this automatically turn baby boys into Dude-Bros/Playboys obsessed with their image?

2. CLOTHES COST MONEY. And nothing is more expensive than clothes for children - partly because they turn right back around and outgrow them. I guarantee you Parent would be telling a boy child the exact same thing, except it would be “pants” and/or “shirt” instead of “dress.” How much time and effort do you think Mom or Dad has to spend on keeping clothing in tip-top form? (I understand that with kids, a certain amount of grass-staining is to be expected - myself, I’d let my kid run around in dirty clothes, so long as they weren’t wearing holes in them or tearing the fabric.)

3. “Put that down, you don’t know where it’s been.” Plenty of aquatic life found in those pools can be poisonous or dangerous. My mother spent my younger brother’s entire childhood yelling, “Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me." What about leave only footprints, take only pictures? Or maybe Parent is just concerned about germs?

4. She’s hanging shit from the ceiling. My mother wouldn’t let any of us put posters and whatnot up in our room, because what happens if you find yourself needing to sell the house? By the time you’ve spackled over a thousand little holes, that’s several man-hours of productivity that could have gone toward painting, etc. Again, most of this is not, “Oh, child, don’t do that, play with my pearls and pretend to vacuum!” it’s “You’re making unnecessary work for me - who do you think will be cleaning all of this up once you’ve gotten bored and gone on to something else?”

5. Okay, this one is possibly the only one that has any validity. I am personally of the opinion that this girl is old enough to have been taught how to use a drill properly and be able to handle it, especially with older brother holding the thing-a-ma-bob steady. But that’s what I immediately noticed about this picture: OLDER BROTHER. By several years. As an oldest (female) sibling, I was often handed shit to manage because my younger siblings were either physically incapable of performing the task and/or clearly bone-headed and hand no idea what they were doing. Take into account that maybe she’s having a hard time holding the drill up and keeping it steady.

I have always been the artistic one. I played the piano and cartooned and sang and wrote stories. I have never displayed or even had any interest in math or science, whether I had any natural aptitude for it aside. My brother? Math is his jam. He can do Trigonometry in his head. My baby sister? She’s the sporty one - and I mean die-hard into it. Every other month it’s another soccer injury she’s calling home to ask for helping orchestrating doctor’s visits/paying medical bills.

People are how they are. They like what they like. Just because you want to build rockets, you can’t be concerned that you’re applying your lip gloss incorrectly? She’s what, maybe 15 in that picture? Even the dorky/geeky girls will tell you that they were interested in boys and concerned about their looks at that age. That doesn’t mean she won’t go on to get a Masters in Engineering when she does go to college.

TL;DR Stop boxing people into stereotypes, intellectual or otherwise. And stop criticizing parents for not wanting their kid to ruin their clothes/accidentally touch something poisonous/putting holes in the ceiling that they pay for with their mortgage.


ugh no stahp girl power? give me a break /rant